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Twitter has rolled out its 'Topics' feature in French as 'Sujets.' — ETX Studio pic
Twitter has rolled out its ‘Topics’ feature in French as ‘Sujets.’ — ETX Studio pic

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept 22 — What’s been going on in the realm of social networks?

Between Twitter offering a new way to participate in conversations, TikTok testing yet another option and Pinterest finally looking into sharing its stories on other platforms, here is a look at the newest features being rolled out by the platforms.

TikTok plans to ‘pin’

The Chinese social network is constantly trying out new features to improve the experience of its users.

While TikTok now finally allows users to group together several videos into the same themed collection on their profile, the platform appears to want to expand on the option.

According to several internet users, TikTok has launched a new option, still in the testing phase, which will allow users to pin up to three videos of their choice at the beginning of their content on their profile page.

A new way for content creators to strategically manage their content on the social network by highlighting their favourite creations.

With the holiday season just around the corner, this new option could prove useful for brands and their collaborations with the platform’s various influencers to better display promotional TikTok videos. 

For the moment, the Chinese giant has not indicated which countries are concerned by this test, nor the number of users involved.



Twitter launches Topics in French

Americans are already familiar with Topics as Topics first came to life in late 2019 and officially rolled out in January 2020.

In France, Twitter has just unveiled the launch of this feature under the name ‘Sujets,’ and it may change the way users participate in conversations on the platform.

From now on, users can choose multiple topics to more easily follow their interests and the things they like, Twitter explained.

Among the topics or ‘sujets’ already offered on the platform are Paris Saint-Germain, stars like Kylian Mbappé and actress Zendaya. Themes on the worlds of manga, gaming and K-pop are also included.

The “Topics” feature allows users to see more content on the chosen topics directly on their news feed. It’s a way to promote exchanges between users sharing the same interests and thus avoid receiving hateful comments from other users or the notorious ‘trolls.’

“When you choose to follow a topic — whether it’s your favourite band, sports team or celebrity — you’ll see Tweets from a whole host of accounts that are experts, fans or just tend to talk about that thing a lot on Twitter,” the platform outlined.

In addition to English and French, Topics are available in Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Indonesian, Korean, Turkish, Russian and Hindi, both on iOS and Android and on the web version of Twitter.

Pinterest makes it easy to share stories on Instagram and Facebook

Pinterest’s little-known story format, Idea Pins, will finally be able to be exported to other social networks. The platform has announced that it wants to improve its sharing system by opening it up to the Instagram and Facebook platforms.

This offers an opportunity for Pinterest users to reach a wider audience on the two most popular social networks on the web. The shared videos will contain the Pinterest watermark, which may not be to the liking of either of the other platforms as Instagram has clearly indicated that it will not highlight videos with the logo of TikTok in its Reels tab.

While the feature has been unveiled, it is currently only in the testing stage and is not available to all Pinterest users. — ETX Studio


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