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No piece of tech will ever render your favourite serum obsolete but the best beauty gadgets are getting ever-smarter and more intuitive as they revolutionise almost every aspect of our at-home routines.

They can drive active ingredients deeper into the skin, carve more pronounced cheekbones and cajole skin cells into producing more collagen. In the case of hair, some mimic a professional blow-dry, while others defuzz limbs (if you so wish) with virtually no upkeep.

No wonder sales of high-tech beauty gadgets have experienced a triple-digit growth over the past 12 months – Net-A-Porter has seen demand double since last year.

While some gadgets are all hype and pseudoscience (eyelid trainers, anyone?), we’ve curated an edit of the best beauty gadgets based on proven technology. From LED devices, which were born of NASA technology for wound healing in space, to a pair of high-tech hair straighteners that took seven years to perfect, the future of beauty is only getting brighter. 

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