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With great power comes great responsibility, and if you are talking about powerful gadgets, then one of those great responsibilities is keeping those gadgets recharged. From smartphones to fitness trackers to truly wireless buds parked in your ears to almost every Bluetooth accessory you use, staying charged is not just a way of life, but pretty much the only way of life. But charging is a task that is becoming increasingly difficult with time. First off, the number of power outlets in one’s house is limited.

Then to make matters worse, many devices (like wireless earphones, TWS, Bluetooth accessories and now, even some phones) do not come with chargers in the box. Charging boards and panels are cumbersome to handle and carry around while you can get some chargers that let you charge multiple devices, they generally end up costing a pretty penny. Yes, you can get more affordable options, but those often come with safety issues – something you cannot really afford (pun intended) when you are charging your valuable gadgets.

So you could bite the bullet and shell out a goodish sum of money, well north of Rs 1,000 to get yourself a reliable charger that can handle multiple devices, reasonably and at a decent clip. Or you could simply grab the AMX XP40 at Rs 899.

Capable of charging four devices at a decent clip

Let us get the specs out of the way – the AMX XP40 comes with four USB Type A ports and has a capacity of 25W. The fastest charging speed on each port is 12W, and well if you are using all four ports, the charging speed is altered so that the maximum capacity of 25W is not exceeded. Now, 12W might not sound super fast to many in this day and age of 65W and 50W chargers, but it is actually more than twice as fast as the default 5W charger that used to come with many iPhones and is just a little bit slower than the 15W charger that comes in the box with devices like the recently launched Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G. Even Apple used to package a 12W adapter with its iPad at one time. A bit of a catch is the fact that it only supports charging through USB Type A ports, so those having lighting to USB Type C or Type C to Type C cables will not be able to use these, but then those are generally found at much higher price points, and even now USB type A charging ports are far more common than Type C ones.

So yes, it is not super fast, but it is now slow either. It comes with support for Flash Charge technology and can actually charge two devices at 12W, which can be very handy. It charged an iPhone 12 and 12 Pro together in under two hours, which is decent in our book. It will take a little longer with the big battery Android devices, but take it from us, it is not slow. Truth be told, we are not the biggest fans of super-fast charging, given the fact that it is said to often have an adverse effect on the battery itself. Speaking of safety, AMX has a pretty good track record in that department, with a year’s warranty, and is one of the brands that is super responsive, even on social networks.

And super portable too

And all of this comes in an extraordinarily portable form factor. Device chargers might be getting bulky but the AMX XP40 is a very compact charger. In spite of having four well-spaced USB ports, it is actually small enough to fit into a trouser pocket and at less than 100 gram, is lighter than a smartphone. Best of all, it is built on very solid lines. AMX claims to have used premium components (“high-grade OC and ABS plastic) and the charger does feel very sturdy.

The charger is also very well-designed and unlike some multi-port chargers we have seen, is not bulky. It is a two-pin charger so will work easily with most power outlets. It also does not overbalance when you connect it to a power outlet. The ports are well spaced out and do not cramp each other. And while it fits in horizontally, it is not so wide as to take up the space of a neighbouring power outlet, unless the plug points are really clustered close together. Yes, its slightly glossy black surface will pick up some scratches, but that’s hardly a deal-breaker. This is the perfect charger to chuck into your bag and take along anywhere – it definitely beats carrying different chargers for different devices.

A pretty powerful deal for Rs 899

All of which combine to make the AMX XP40 one of the best options for anyone looking for a multi-device charger without spending too heavily, and yet not compromising on device safety (we cannot stress AMX’s good track record here enough). You will get faster chargers out there at close to the same price, and with USB Type C ports too, but they are unlikely to let you charge as many devices as efficiently as this one does.

So if your devices outnumber your power outlets, or you just want one steady, not too expensive charger that can handle a number of devices at the same time, steadily and safely, then we think the AMX XP40 is a terrific option at Rs 899.

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