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Sort Electronics News: Annie is the name of a new, lightweight and ultra-compact integrated amplifier for the desktop area that, according to Sardin, can operate both speakers and headphones.

Chorus Electronics Annie: Features and Concept

The compact amp weighs 625 grams (plus external power) and is specially designed for the desktop area. Despite the economical output of 2 x 10 watts at 8 x ohms, it should come with audiophilic sound – not a Class D amplifier, but a Class AB design. Incidentally, the chord annihilation is a complete analog amplifier: two top sources can be connected, not one on a DAC board.

This reduction is definitely desirable and part of a concept, because Chart Annie is specifically designed for “collaboration” with the internal-Hui phono prompt and the cutest DAC – these devices are also compact and compatible with desktops.

Electronics live in CNC-milled homes made of strong aluminum. A special error correction topography, whose proper function is not explained in the press release, is intended to minimize potential distortions. In addition to the speaker connections, there is also a 3.5mm and 6.3mm headphone output.

Breeze Cord Electronics Annie: 1.549 Euro


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