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2020 U.S.-Booked Air Volume: $1.3 million
Primary U.S. TMC: Direct Travel

Consumer electronics conglomerate and mobile device manufacturer LG Electronics spent an estimated $1.3 million in U.S.-booked air volume in 2020, down drastically from its $58 million estimate in 2019. LG Electronics is the largest subsidiary of LG Corp., a South Korean conglomerate with LG-branded holdings in many industries, including chemicals and household products. The LG businesses operate independently.

LG Electronics reported 2020 revenues of about $56.5 billion, and a record-setting operating profit of $2.85 billion, an increase of 31 percent compared with fiscal year 2019. The company has an international workforce of more than 75,000.

Though the company limited its business travel during the pandemic, LG Electronics provides special care programs for employees who still need to travel for work, including individual counseling before business trips, supply of products to help prevent infection and protect their health, and a gift card for dining upon return from a business trip. LG Electronics reported 20,692 Scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions related to business travel in 2020, down from 58,337 reported in 2019.

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