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You need to look after your tech if you want it to last, so protect your gear with Otterbox, at a fraction of the price.

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Everyone knows that most tech nowadays can come with a fairly hefty price tag. Especially smartphones, tablets, and laptops. In some cases, these devices can cost at least a month’s salary (if not a lot more), and it is pretty heartbreaking when we damage our expensive gadgets.

So it is important to protect your tech, and OtterBox has just the solution…

Get a Great Deal On OtterBox Mobile Accessories

OtterBox is back with a bunch of excellent deals on its accessories across the whole website. If you buy two or more products, you get a 20% discount and free standard shipping. The deals are live, so head over to and see what you like the look of.

There’re loads of accessories spanning an enormous range of devices, such as cases for the brand new iPhone 13 series, Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip3 folding smartphone, or a power bank for charging on the go. You can even get gaming accessories, if that is what you need!

This deal is available until September 29th, so be quick and take advantage of your 20% discount. You don’t have to stick to a single product type; you can mix and match, buying any two products, and you get the discount and free standard shipping.

Why Is Protecting Your Gadgets Important?

Smashed white iPhone in Two Pieces

Aside from the aforementioned breakage heartache, there are many reasons you should protect your handset.

First and foremost, protecting your smartphone (for example) from knocks and bumps will extend its life dramatically. Think about it, if you drop an unprotected phone on the floor, then even if there is no external damage, those delicate internal components might not like being jostled around so much. A case will absorb some of the impact, protecting your phone inside and out.

Second, if you ever plan to sell your handset, keeping it in peak physical condition will ensure you get the most bang for your buck when the time comes to trade it in. While you can get cash for a faulty handset, a pristine one will earn you significantly more money.

broken phone screen in hand

Finally, using a faulty phone can actually be dangerous. Using a smashed screen not only exposes you to cutting your fingers on the glass, you also risk the phone bursting into flames, should moisture enter the electrical components that the screen protects.

Anyway, smashed up phone and tablet screens look kinda lame. You’re best off protecting your gear whatever you’re using.

Protect Yo’ Tech

Busta Rhymes may never have uttered these words, but either way, protecting your smartphone, tablet, gaming gear, or your laptop is of vital importance if you want to keep the device running for as long as possible. With such a great deal, OtterBox should be your first choice.

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