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Every year, the Monaco Yachting Show is an opportunity to discover the latest devices and trends for luxury yachts. Thousands of yachting enthusiasts descend on Port Hercules to enjoy these incredible inventions and meet more than 300 exhibitors.

With a wide range of submarines, gadgets and future trends available for sale, superyacht captains and owners continue to explore new ways to keep their families and guests on board. Forbes It brings you a list of the ten coolest (and sometimes expensive) gadgets and trends of 2022.

Sous-marin U-Boat Worx Nemo (US$1.2 million)

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U-Boat Worx Nemo submarine. | Source: NEMO SUBMARINE

Weighing only 2,500 kg, NEMO is the world’s lightest submarine. It can be installed from a height of 155 cm on a variety of yachts and luxury yachts. In addition, its low weight allows it to be towed behind a car. NEMO is so small that it requires less storage space than two jet skis.

Submersible Project Neptune / Aston Martin ($4.4 million)

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Submersible project Neptune / Aston Martin. | Source: TRITON

Submarine designer Triton created a submarine in collaboration with Aston Martin. The propulsion system, which makes the reputation of Triton submarines, has been improved using technologies developed by Aston Martin. The Neptune Project has a power-to-weight ratio four times that of the Triton Professional Submarine.

Unlike traditional Triton submarines, Project Neptune is designed to tilt while diving and describe soft, deep arcs while cornering, much like Aston Martin sports cars.

FunAir Floating Golf Yacht

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FunAir Floating Yacht Golf Club. | Source: FUNAIR

The FunAir Yacht Golf Green Float is the perfect golfing tool from your luxury yacht. Perfect for all ages, the FunAir Yacht Golf comes with a golf pole and flag, and you can change the shape of the green to your liking. You will also receive the Albus Golf ECOBIOBALL Eco Ball. These golf balls are made from fish food and dissolve completely within days. FunAir also offers a Beach Club package, including FunAir Wave lounge chairs, inflatable mattresses, a set of floating islands (including a modular shaded island), and a floating golf course.

RÄVIK . Awake Electric Skateboard ($7900)

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Wake up RÄVIK 3. | Source: wake up

The pioneering creation of the Awake brand is the electric skateboard: RÄVIK. This board brings suspense and excitement, whatever the experience of the rider. It can be easily controlled using a mobile app and has four different power settings. The Awake RÄVIK 3 can reach 57 km/h.

Old Town Athletic Autopilot Kayak ($3,999)

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Old Town Athletic Autopilot Kayak. | Source: the old city

This advanced sport kayak uses a 12V Minn Kota propulsion motor, eliminating the need for paddling and the use of foot steering for the ultimate fishing experience. Kota’s Spot-Lock technology, activated using a Bluetooth remote control, keeps the boat in a stable position, regardless of wind or current, to make the fishing session enjoyable for luxury yacht guests.

iAQUA SeaDart Max Underwater Scooter ($7,999)

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iAQUA SeaDart Max Underwater Scooter. | Source: IAQUA

The iAQUA scooter can be used both on and under water. It has a maximum speed of 21 km / h and is able to dive up to 30 meters. Its autonomy is 80 minutes. Made entirely of sports car manufacturing plants, it’s lighter and more crack-resistant.

Waydoo Flyer e-Foil (7,399 euros)

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Waydoo Flyer e-Foil. | Source: WAYDOO

The Waydoo Flyer ONE 6000W motor can propel it at speeds of up to 35 km/h. Waydoo Flyer ONE’s autonomy can be up to 85 minutes. Once the waterproof battery runs out, it can be removed and recharged within two hours. Wireless manual override with throttle allows the user to control his speed. User movements help maintain balance.

Red Ride XL Planche de paddle ($4,700)

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Red Ride XL Planche de paddle. | Source: RED RIDE

This giant painting is over 5 meters long and just over 1.5 meters wide. It can hold up to eight people. With the built-in durable iFin system, the board is wear-resistant and is the ideal form of transport for exploring quiet bays. Also equipped with several air valves, this paddle board can be operated quickly.

Candela C-8 Hydrofoil Electric Tender ($342,000)

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Candela C-8 Hydrofoil Electric Tender. | Source: CANDELA

Candela’s latest innovation, this Today’s cruiser The long range, high speed electric (small motor boat) is the ultimate complement to all luxury yachts. With a length of 8.50 meters, it can reach a maximum speed of 44.5 km / h. With an 80% reduction in consumption, the Candela C-POD engine will allow it Today’s cruiser To take advantage of greater independence. The boat also has a large cockpit for eight passengers, a sunbathing area, and a cabin at the front that sleeps two adults and two children.

CECLO . Hybrid Electric Catamaran ($1999)

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CECLO Hybrid Electric Catamaran. | Source: CECLO

trade mark cyclo Produces luxury electric pedal boats specially designed for exercising and relaxing while on a fun vacation away from the yacht. Using an electrically powered pedal system allows users to move faster and cover greater distances, while enjoying complete silence: ideal for exploring hidden coves and beaches!

In the future

New amphibious tender ($2 million)

Under development, the world’s first amphibious limousine can reach speeds of 52 km / h under water and 56 km / h on land. This classy boat was created especially for luxury yacht owners. It has a simple and reliable transmission, better fuel efficiency, air-conditioned wipers, convertible roof and windows, luxurious interiors and onboard toilets.

Article translated from Forbes magazine – author: Jim Dobson


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