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The squid game The mania has officially spread all over the world, including Italy, since Successful Korean Netflix SeriesSquid, in fact, has landed on the streaming platform globally. In just a few days, thanks to an important promotion and unprecedented word of mouth, the Squid game has become a real phenomenon. And like any self-respecting phenomenon, Squid-inspired gadgets are multiplying by the day.

It is located in the base of the game Squid a Perverse survival game Which includes 456 debt-ridden people who decided to take part in a pig in a poke in the hope of winning a rich set of prizes that would allow them to start a new life. A disturbing and tense series, captivating from the first minutes and with a deep message that unfolds across 9 episodes.

The Squid game is a true global success that also translates into the myriad of gadgets and products inspired by the series, from the suits worn by players to the black masks and red suits worn by game watchers, passing through the game’s logo. series and so on and so on.

Today we want to introduce you to some of the most interesting Squid Game themed gadgets and products that you can buy directly from Amazon.

Squid game, players suits

Squid game console suits

Squid game controller suit

All other Squid inspired gadgets

Squid Biscotti

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