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Electronics are a part of daily life for most Americans, but what happens when they need to retire? There’s no farm to send a MacBook to live a happy retired life running through the grass with a friendly PC, and there’s little value in resale. So what can be done with dead or old electronics in Benton County?  

First things first — don’t just throw them away. Electronics are built from a number of potentially toxic and hazardous materials that will not break down naturally in the dump. Nor can they be recycled by throwing them in with your cardboard for the same reason.   

Oregon E-Cycles offers a safe, responsible place to recycle old computers, monitors, TVs, and printers. You can bring up to seven at a time, and best of all, it’s free!   

If you’ve got other forms of electronics and are unsure if they can be recycled, there are a few options available to you.  

First, you can click here to find a recycling collection site near you, or call 888-532-9253.  

Before you simply toss it out, though, consider whether your device is still in working condition. It may not have value to you, but someone else may be able to use it. Working computers and other devices can be donated to most second-hand stores, charities, and reuse organizations; another option that would make them more accessible to community members is the Corvallis Really Really Free Market, held on the last Saturday of each month.  

And don’t forget to erase personal data stored on devices. If you’re unsure how to do so but want to donate, click here and take a look at the “data security” section.  

By Ethan Hauck 

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