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From the November 2021 issue of E&T: tech to manage your home heating, track your air quality, receive your parcels and protect your privacy.

Wunda WundaSmart

Smart central heating that’s different. Room thermostats are positioned away from radiators on stylish E-Ink control pads. Data is kept offline and private, with bank-level encryption when you access it remotely. Control via app, voice or use geofencing.

From £199

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Airthings View Plus

The only air-quality monitor you can buy that measures radon gas as well as particulates (PM2.5 and PM1) plus metrics like CO2, humidity, temperature and air pressure. Integrate all that data into a smart home using IFTTT as well as Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.



This high-tech parcel box cures the headache of missing deliveries. You create access codes, whether lasting or one-time, via the app. The box weighs each new parcel and alerts you to them. The secure box can be mounted on the ground or wall and has a solar panel and controls on the top.

from £399 

Keen Howser II

Think of these comfy mocs as slippers that you can wear outdoors, perfect for winter. The outer is recycled (PET plastic or wool felt) for sustainability, the lining is cosy microfleece and the sole is durable rubber. Cleansport NXT naturally breaks down odours using microbiotics.


Harman Kardon Radiance 2400

Stunning home cinema speakers so slim (51mm) you’d be forgiven for thinking that there’s nothing on the stands. Each speaker contains 24 precisely calibrated 1.25in drivers to create beams of sound that work together to fill the entire room. Chromecast and AirPlay are built in.



Tech experts are frankly the most cynical when it comes to digital privacy. If your device boasts a camera or a microphone then it’s conceivable that someone is watching or listening. These cute little sliding privacy covers stick over your webcam, tablet or phone camera.

£7.99 for three 

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