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Are you tired of using sprays to control pests in your home or outside? With the advancement of science and technology, many gadgets that are easier to use to kill or repel insects appear. Some of them are portable, or you can just plug them in to do the work for you.

Still, it’s hard to find the perfect pest control device that’ll work for your house and even outside. So, it’s best to know the different options available and select the one that fits your needs.

1.  Electronic Bug Zapper

One way to get rid of pests is to lure them into a trap, like an electronic bug zapper. This gadget works by attracting pests to UV light. Different theories explain why insects are attracted to light, such as navigation aid and food search (flower nectar) since flowers reflect UV.

When they come in contact with the gadget, they’ll be electrocuted to high-voltage grids. The device is an effective insect killer since pests are more sensitive to electric shocks and can cause sudden deaths with direct contact.

2.  Ultrasonic Pest Repellent

Ultrasonic pest repellers are different from traditional gadgets using light and current to kill insects. This device features high-frequency signals in ultrasounds and vibrations that cause discomfort to pests. The insects’ nervous systems are targeted by these high-pitched frequencies until the pests can’t take the pain and eventually go away or die.  Find out if ultrasonic pest repellers really work by trying them yourself. There are also researches and reviews that you can read to help you understand how these gadgets work.

3.  Mosquito Killer Lamp

A mosquito killer lamp is usually designed for outdoor activities such as camping. They are lightweight, portable, and need little power so that you can take them anywhere. The device works with UV lights to attract pests. Then, the fan inside the lamp traps them, prevents them from escaping, and eventually kills them with high voltage electrocution and even dehydration.

4.  Electronic Plug-in Insect Trap

If you’re having trouble sleeping at night with the pests biting you, you can use an electronic insect trap. It’s a plug-in device placed in rooms to kill insects that linger there and disturb your sleep. The gadget has a UV light to attract the pests, and when they fall into the trap, they will be electrocuted from the high voltage power grid.

5.  Mosquito Repelling Bulb

Because bugs are escaping their predators, they tend to go where the light is on. If you want to keep the light in your home but don’t want to deal with mosquitoes, moths, and other insects, you can use a yellow bug light. Light has many wavelengths: what the human eyes can see differs from what insects can. In effect, the yellow bug light can’t be seen by the insects, so they’ll not be staying in your space.

6.  Cold Fogger

Schools, hospitals, hotels, and greenhouses usually use cold foggers to disinfect spaces. The device is an automatic dispenser of water-based and oil products that include insecticides and can be used both inside and outside your house. It works by producing an invisible fogging solution to control insects in large areas. It can also remove mold and other unpleasant odors.

7.  Smart Phone Operated Pest Traps

Since almost everyone has smartphones nowadays, developers integrated the use of phone apps connected to their pest traps to give users a real-time update picked up by the devices. The smartphone-operated pest trap is an excellent innovation because you will know where to find the pests and dispose of them immediately to avoid foul smells and diseases they carry.

8.  Pipe Pest Scanner

You can’t see every pest in your house, especially those hiding in pipes and wirings. This is alarming since you won’t know what connections they’ve contaminated. Drinking water that pests have infected can cause diseases like cholera, hepatitis, leptospirosis, and typhoid fever.

A pipe pest scanner is connected to your phone, so you can check if there are suspected pests in the pipes. Once you discover them, you can take action on how to get rid of the insects to avoid damages such as unwanted holes and unclean water, among others.

9.  Internet-Based Solutions

Large facilities have difficulties locating pests. Thus, a wireless, internet-based, and infrared sensor technology is developed to help locate pests. It’s working 24 hours a day and seven days a week to give real-time information on pests for faster control solutions.

10.              Mouse Smart Trap

One of the most common pests in houses is mice. A mouse can get out of traditional sticky pad traps, so an automated dome-shaped trap was developed to lure mice and make sure they don’t get away. Then, once inside, the mouse is electrocuted. The device is connected to your phone to update you if the pest is caught to let you know that you need to dispose of the dead rat.


Modern technology has indeed paved the way for easier pest control. However, it’s still up to you to choose the best one that will work for your house. It’s best to research product brands and reviews before acquiring one to ensure it’s the solution you need.

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