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GeIL POLARIS RGB 64GB DDR5 memoryGeIL has this week introduced its new POLARIS RGB DDR5 gaming memory kits offering gamers the ability to install memory from 4800 MHz up to 5600 MHz at 1.1 V/1.25 V and available in capacities from 16GB up to 64GB depending on your needs. GeIL’s next-generation POLARIS RGB DDR5 has been created to deliver “unprecedented performance through the combination of larger capacities, enhanced speeds, and broader bandwidth per processor core” says GeIL.

GeIL POLARIS RGB 64GB DDR5 gaming memory kits

– Up to 4800MHz high speed and 64GB (2x32GB) massive capacity to deliver a powerful and smooth performance. POLARIS RGB memory modules are engineered for gaming, video editing, and overclocking.
– GeIL Polaris RGB DDR5 memory implements the exclusive Optimized RGB Illumination design to avoid the light bulb effect across the RGB light bar and bring users a well-blended and fantastic RGB lighting effect.
– Designed to fit most CPU coolers in the market without any mechanical interference.. Customize vivid RGB effects and unique lighting profiles to create your own style PC.
– Specifically engineered and optimized for the latest Intel XMP 3.0 systems to fit across a wide range of motherboards and seamlessly boost your build with uncompromised high performance.
– GeIL’s DYNA 5 SLT exceptional patent screening technology ensures that each IC is rigorously tested to guarantee outstanding performance, remarkable Quality, and High Stability.


“Increases in system performance and efficiency are the cornerstones of any new memory generation. The new architecture has plenty of features to support that, such as the increased burst length, improved refresh schemes, and the increased bank groups significantly boosting performance. In addition, the introduction of the local voltage regulation based on the PMIC (Power Management IC) provides current monitoring, offers threshold protection, and intelligent voltage and power management for a more comprehensive range of voltage tweaking and adjustment. Finally, a newly added on-die ECC function further improves data integrity and performance enhancements.”

GeIL POLARIS RGB 64GB DDR5 memory specifications

“GeIL POLARIS RGB DDR5 Memory fully implements the exclusive ORI (Optimized RGB Illumination) design to avoid the light bulb effect across the RGB light bar and bring the user a well-blended and fantastic RGB lighting effect. The heatspreader has three different color themes: Racing Red, Titanium Gray, and Glacier White, which perfectly matches the fluid RGB illumination. Additionally, the physical height of its heatspreader is customized to fit most CPU coolers in the market without any mechanical interference.”

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