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Are you looking for the perfect gift for a gamer? Whether it’s for your partner, family member, or yourself, finding a suitable gaming gadget makes all the difference.

Here’s a list of the top ten gadgets gamers would love to acquire. Getting just one from the list is guaranteed to please a video game aficionado to no end.

TV Backlight

The Luminoodle TV Backlight is an excellent example of this. It’s a LED strip with 3M adhesive backing used to fix the backlight to the back of your HDTV or monitor. There are 15 colors and about 10 when it comes to the brightness settings. What does it do?

It reduces eye strain without adding any glare to your screen, which is ideal for anyone who spends long hours at their desk or staring into their monitor. Meaning, it’s perfect for any gaming enthusiast who spends hours playing.

Couch Gaming Lapboard

Whether you’re busy finding the best India online casino or with another run with your IPL Fantasy Game team, you’ll likely want a break from hunching over a desk. Get the gaming lapboard, so you can play even when you’re on the couch.

The Couchmaster Cycon desk comes with a USB 3.0 hub, so you can plug all the cables you need from your keyboard into your headset and mouse. There are also two side pockets. You can use one for your mouse and the other one for your snacks and drinks.

Retro Game Console Phone Case

This case is one of the most affordable on the list. If you’re gifting it to a friend, who’s also a gaming enthusiast, they’re sure to be happy with the case. For anyone who’s ever owned a Game Boy at some point, it’s also incredibly nostalgic.

It’s also suitable for friends who’ve never had a Game Boy before. They’ll get a kick out of what game consoles used to look like. Some of the retro game cases, though, come with a functional button and screen, so your friend can enjoy a game of classics like Super Mario, Tetris, and Pac-Man.

Gaming Headset Stand

You might be thinking you could do better than a headset stand that does nothing. However, the COZOO gaming headset stand doubles as a power hub. It comes with three USB jacks and two power outlets, so this stand comes in handy.

It can recharge your headphones, smartphones, and even your smartwatch all at the same time. Plus, if your friend is someone who loves to keep their gaming space tidy, this headset stand is perfect. It lets them take better care of their headsets instead of leaving them just lying around on the desk. It helps reduce clutter.

PlayStation Icons Light

Any gamer worth their salt knows the controls of the PlayStation controllers from Sony. If you’d love to give someone a fun gift, then a light in the shape of those controls is sure to look fun. It’s a nifty light that also doubles as a beautiful piece of décor.

The Paladone PlayStation Icons Light also reacts to music and game audio. Whenever you play, you’ll see the lights flash, too, adding even more fun to an already fantastic gaming experience.

Wireless Gaming Earbuds

Whether you’re shopping for someone or yourself, a pair of wireless gaming earbuds is a staple in any gaming addict’s collection of gadgets. That’s because wireless options are incredibly immersive. The lack of cables means that even if you stand up, walk around, or jump with joy (or horror), you won’t have to worry about accidentally pulling at the cable.

That could mess up your gaming unit and headset. Also, earbuds are lighter, and unlike headsets, they don’t make your head hot. Because they’re lightweight, they don’t put any pressure on your head so you can concentrate on the game instead.

Drink Coasters

It’s a fun gift. Coasters with a Nintendo NES cartridge design are sure to be a hit. If you have a group of gaming friends, then this makes for an excellent gift. It’s functional and cute, so why not keep some for yourself, too? That way, you can protect your tables from water rings.

Or, you could hang it up on your board to create the ultimate board any gamer would want in their room. Use it along with stickers, photos, and other keepsakes you have. It’s a fun project and an excellent way to pass the time. This should also give you a much-needed break from the screen.

Books About Gaming

Look for coffee table books like The Game Console 2.0, a gaming history from Atari to Xbox. It’s by Evan Amos, and the story is told in photographs. Go over the evolution of gaming consoles. Can you imagine the sheer imagination and talent as well as technology that it took to get from the first gaming console to the latest one?

It’s incredible what the human mind can do. It also shows you just how much your gaming consoles have evolved over the years, including the lost features, newly added ones, and what’s been there right from the start.

Among Us Sensory Fidget Toys

If you’ve played Among Us like most people, then you’d love to get your hands on these fidget toys. If you have so much love for the Crewmates, then here they are in a convenient form that you can squeeze and squish to bits. They make for a good toy for adults and kids alike. They’re also a good stress reliever.

Final Fantasy XIV Cookbook

For any gamer who’s also a food enthusiast, this cookbook is the best. With recipes inspired by video games, you and your friend will have a blast, from playing games to whipping up creations in the kitchen. Start from simple recipes and work your way to the more complicated ones. Have fun!

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